2021 Color Trends to Take Your Home Décor to The Next Level
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2021 Color Trends to Take Your Home Décor to The Next Level

Trendy colors can be very subjective according to each person’s preference and style; however, there are some trends that professionals have come up with to fit the different tastes. 


#1 Light-colored Wood

Light-colored wood gives an illusion of space, fits with a lot of styles and is usually paired with minimalist colors such as white.

You can also check out the Scandinavian and Japanese décor to get inspired by them to achieve this kind of trendy style with light-colored wood.


#2 White

Using white as an integral part of your home décor, gives you the capability of popping up another furniture element, an accent chair, for example. 

Mix white with another color of your choice to reveal another color more. Plain white is pure minimalism but color trends in 2021 are going more for mixing white with another neutral color to give a more colorful look.


#3 Navy/peacock blue

Navy or peacock blue is the new black in home décor. Navy blue gives the room elegance and elevates it into a whole new level. 

Along with navy blue, earthly warm colors are also in favor for this year to give you an overall warm vibe, which is exactly what you want this year.


#4 Green

Green kitchen cabinets are the new trend and green is a color that’s a mixture of blue and yellow which makes it fit with both warm and cool colors.

You can think of green in the kitchen as a chance for you to begin the healthy lifestyle you’ve been trying to achieve. Start with your home décor and everything else follows.