Hard Arched Latex Pillow

Description: Latex Pillow for better sleeping. Supportive Bed Pillow for Neck/Back Pain, Standard Pillow for Side/Back Sleepers, It provides the right amount of lift for back, stomach and side sleepers. Hyper-responsive latex delivers superior support for the head and neck, promoting healthy spinal alignment for every type of sleeper. Sleep well throughout the nights without any problems or worries, sleep with a peace of mind. BREATHABLE PILLOW: There are many holes inside the pillow which greatly promote the air flow and prevent heating. Cool during summer and comfortably warm during winter. Latex Foam is made in molds, so it is bouncy enough and support the head properly and effectively. Ideal for side and back sleepers. It helps to relieve neck pain, frozen shoulder, reduce snoring and insomnia. We pride ourselves on happy customers. It is our pleasure to offer products that contribute to healthier life and better sleep! Provides support that is consistent, comfortable, pressure relieving, and resilient. Pillows will maintain their shape for the lifetime of the product.

Material: Premium Quality of Latex- Skin Friendly Fabric

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